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It's Time to Live Life


Beyond the Fog!


Lacking direction, presences, courage and connection within your life?

That is what it means to live a life in the fog.

Do YOU answer YES to 1 or more of these statements:

  • I’m unclear of my direction, I feel as if I’m walking in the fog

  • I can accomplish a lot but I don’t know if I’m actually doing the right things

  • I’m a curated person in each of my roles in my life and I’ve lost my connection with who I really am

  • I'm avoiding anything that feels like a challenge because I want to be the “nice person”

  • I’m a leader or entrepreneur and I feel like I'm on an island on my own

  • I no longer recognize the person staring back at me in the mirror

Ready to live your life beyond the fog?

Book your discovery session to experience a powerful, co-active and transformation coaching session.


Shawn O'Neill - Founder

I hired Gene as a coach to help me get out of my own way and focus on the big picture. His balance of patience, genuine care, and kindly keeping me accountable were exactly what I needed, and I have extended my engagement with him because of the growth he has helped bring to my mindset.

tracy nimetz.jpg

Tracy Nimetz - HR & Operations

We were lucky to have Gene work with our leadership team to help define our client goals and get things back on track. He was insightful and got right to the crux of the problem by shining a light on what needed to be done. Gene has a way of making hard conversations... easy.


Steven Kabanuk - COO

It was a pleasure to work with Gene for almost 2 years. He brings focus to the big picture goals, collaboratively defining them, and then building teams, processes, and infrastructure to bring them to life. Gene is a creative problem solver, a dynamic and energizing leader that knows how to inspire others


About the Coach

I'm Gene Bernier

As a Coach, LiveCast Host, Husband, and Father. I spent over 20 years in the world of tech as a leader building high performing teams and delivering predictable results for clients across many industries.
I've watched as people in business drove themselves into the ground and believing there was a better way, took a step back. Now my mission is to influence people to discover what it would take for them to be live their life with direction, presences, courage and boldness. To live a life beyond the fog.

As a Coach I work with clients to step beyond their comfort zone, begin facing  their challenges, and to find one thing daily that can bring them closer to the life they desire. Through his show LiveCast Conversation With he interviews guests to "peal" back the curtain on the bumps and triumphs of their story.

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LIVECAST Conversations With

A live, unedited conversation with guests who have carved out their own, unique pathways to success. Success leaves clues, the LCW turns those clues into billboards.

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Open Forum

A place to connect as people, discuss & debate interesting topics and to share interests with those who attend.
Come to connect, leave your business cards at the virtual door, because a new friend after all is just a stranger you haven’t met yet. The topics vary depending on who’s there, but they all start with asking “What is challenging you this week?”.

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