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The Me I Don't See Reconciliation Workshop

Let's Do Differently

The act of loving self is more than words; it starts with a truth and reconciliation from within that shines a light on your vault of wisdom. The ‘I am Enough’ workshop is an invitation to the participant to learn how to release the suffering associated with past traumatic experiences. 

The ‘I am Enough’ workshop can assist individuals in appreciating the value of all of their life experiences and how shifting one’s perspective can bring forth new empowerment in understanding ourselves.

This workshop consists of the following four phases:

  1. Belong - Spirit/Mind

    • Taking care of self

  2. Mastery - Heart/Emotional 

    • Control/power over ‘You’

  3. Storyteller - Soul/Mental

    • Sharing of your story

  4. Independent - Physical/Body

    • What do you own?

Your Guide

What to Expect From the Workshop


  • Reconcile - participant(s) will identify the unresolved experiences

  • Let Go - participant(s) will learn to see traumatic experiences without the suffering


  • The Now - participant(s) will learn of the importance of the moment


What You'll Leave With

  1. To assist the participant in shifting from their internal story

  2. To assist the participant in identifying the trauma (guilt/shame) from the event(s) and or experience(s) from their past

  3. To assist the participant in developing healthy boundaries

The Value

  1. The benefits of operating like the human heart

  2. Connect to the power of that which matters most

  3. Unlock the wisdom in your ‘Vault of Wisdom’

The Structure

  • Type of workshop: 

    • Awareness / Mastery / Empowerment / Transformation 

  • Program length: 

    • 4 weeks

  • Bi-monthly duration: 

    • 2 hours per session

  • Delivery method: 

    • Zoom


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